I'm Michelle, or Fly! 23, female, Floridian living in Texas (for now), corporate zombie, Aries, and anxiety queen. I live with two ferrets, two cats, one magical girl, one hyper dog, and four and a half hooligans that call themselves roommates/family. I currently work for Barnes and Noble as a cafe barista and bookseller. I don't bite but I am awkward. Still, feel free to say hello!

General Content: FOOD, video games, space, cute shit, nature, music, cryptozoology/paranormal, scifi/horror, anime/manga, movies, birds, petsite shit, art, history, science, mythology, literature, writing, arthropods, reptiles, life whining, cartoons, and whatever else I fucking feel like.

Fandom Shit: Mass Effect, Hatoful Boyfriend, Futurama, Welcome To Night Vale, Pokemon, SCP Foundation, Harvest Moon, Saga, The Walking Dead, The Lord of the Rings, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Marvel comics, and anything else I'm into at any given moment .

My Forever Girls: Amy and Rinny.

Background: x

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